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Message: 25/8/2017: Merts/ Devon North LETS update
Dear Members, As you know, the future of Merts LETS has been in doubt since the founder Kizzy Angell moved away from Merton. However, membership of the scheme had been drawn from a wide area of North Devon, and in order to keep things going and include everyone, in consultation with some members, we've worked out a way of going forward.
If you would like to inspect the website - which can currently be found on - you will see that it's had a make-over so that it's more relevant to a wider area of North Devon, and all members are now encouraged to update their own profile and contact others near to them.
Everything is explained in a News Update linked below. Please read this carefully, and feel free to respond if you would like to contribute your ideas - which we will collate for the next newsletter. Best wishes to all from Mary Fee (LETSlink UK)

News Item: 20/7/2017: Welcome!
MertsLETS began in 2015 around a regular market at Merton, Devon, and is in the process of expanding to serve as a LETS Network for the whole of North Devon. As new regular venues are established we will list them HERE. Members who would like to recommend external events where LETS members can meet up, or who can host their own socials may also list them HERE - please note contact details so that you can RSVP and/or find each other when you arrive.
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